Analysis of the changes in the demand of domestic baking machinery market


【Summary description】Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that the average annual consumption of cakes per person in China is about 5.09 kg.

Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that the average annual consumption of cakes per person in China is about 5.09 kg. According to the statistics of the China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association, the average annual consumption of bread per person per year is 8 kg in Korea, Hong Kong and other regions with similar dietary habits in the Mainland. With the acceleration of China's urbanization process and the gradual westernization of residents' dietary habits, the domestic baking industry has huge market consumption potential.      
And what are the opportunities and challenges for the food machinery baking equipment that provides mechanical equipment and technical support for the baking industry? The changes in the demand of the Chinese baking machinery market mainly have two major points. First, the products are subdivided. In terms of sales, the market demand for moon cake machinery is gradually decreasing, the market demand for cake and bread machinery is stable, and the demand for automated production lines has increased significantly. Second, from the time of sales, current buyers will go through detailed market inspections. After that, the product is optimized and selected. After careful consideration, the order will be placed. It is more cautious than the previous purchase. It also shows that the competition in this market is getting more and more fierce. 
One is the severe economic situation in the domestic market and the increasingly fierce competition situation. On the other hand, the growth potential of the automated production line, Chen Xinkui not only saw these two points, but also intends to combine the two to find a breakthrough point.
"In the next 2-3 years, I plan to enter the European and American markets. It is expected that this part of foreign trade will account for 40%-50% of the company's sales." Chen Xinkui intends to do so, but the reality is always more difficult than planning, and enters Europe and America with higher mechanical level. The market and earning a place is far from being as easy as imagined. Chen Xinkui has already built a clear idea for this march: “Products are constantly updated, product quality and appearance are continuously optimized, automation is constantly improving, corporate management and staff quality Skills and so on continue to improve."
In the eyes of Chen Xinkui, these four "continuous" seem to be the only way to break through the Shanghai Kuihong Food Machinery Factory. Because the analysis supported the reason that the company's growth rate remained at around 30% in 2014, he finally summed up the points that “the company has greatly improved its management system, marketing strategy and product quality.” The only difference is that Shanghai Kuihong has set its sights on the automatic production line market in the international market in the future. 
“Automatic assembly lines will become more and more common, and stand-alone products may be slowly eliminated.” This is not only for Shanghai Kuihong but also for China's entire food machinery and equipment industry, both opportunities and challenges. Coupled with the fierce competition in the domestic market, this automation revolution is increasingly showing the trend of big waves, "we can stand the test", Chen Xinkui is full of confidence.    


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