How to make a new type of cake cutting machine


【Summary description】The utility model relates to a cake cutting device, in particular to a device for cutting a round or square cake into predetermined equal parts or sizes.

The utility model relates to a cake cutting device, in particular to a device for cutting a round or square cake into predetermined equal parts or sizes.

There are currently no cake cutters on the market that can cut round or square cakes into proper equal parts and sizes. Generally, the knife is used for direct cutting, the shape of the car is poor, the efficiency is low, the cutting speed is slow, and it is easy to glue.

The traditional automatic cake cutting machine is generally an ultrasonic cake cutting machine. This machine is very complex, expensive and not suitable for popularization. Another existing cake cutting machine is sawing, but this kind of cutting machine cuts one knife at a time, and the chips are easy to stick to the knife surface, and the cost is high, which is not suitable for promotion.

Utility model content

The technical problem to be solved by the utility model is to overcome the defects of the existing cake cutting and provide a new cake cutting machine.

In order to solve the above problems, the technical solution of the utility model is as follows.

The new cake cutting machines, including the gas with table, feature a wire cutting unit on the table.

The cutting wire device including the cutting table arranged above the worktable is wound by the cutting wire, and one side of the cutting table is provided with a wire moving mechanism for connecting the wire and driving the movement of the cutting wire.

A plurality of pairs of pulleys are installed on both sides of the cutting frame, the wire is wound on the cutting frame through the pulley, and the two ends of the wire are wound on the driving wheel of the motor.

The bottom of the worktable includes a lifting cylinder that moves the worktable up and down and a rotating cylinder that drives the worktable to rotate.

When using, put the cake on the worktable, start the machine, move the wire, and then start the lift cylinder to lift the worktable, if the cake touches the cutting line, cut the cake into multiple pieces, then put it down on the worktable, lift the worktable Rotate 90 degrees, then cut, you can divide the cake into the necessary small pieces.

Beneficial effects, the cake cutting machine of the utility model has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, few cutting steps, uniform cutting, difficult bonding, low price and easy popularization.

The structure of the utility model cake cutting machine FIG. 2 is the structure of the wire cutting device of the utility model cake cutting machine.

Specific implementation method: In order to facilitate the understanding of the technical means, creation features, realization purposes and effects realized by the present utility model, I will further illustrate the present utility model with specific pictures.

The new cake cutting machine is the body L, the body L is the cabinet, the body L is a workbench 2, the workbench 2 is the cake 3 that needs to be cut, the inner workbench 2 of the body 1 is the drive workbench 2 to raise Or the lowered lift cylinder 4, the lift cylinder 4 is connected to the bottom of the table 2 through a shaft 41, and inside the fuselage is a rotary cylinder 5 that drives the table 2 to rotate, and the rotary cylinder 5 is connected to the shaft 41 through a rotating mechanism 51. The second position of the workbench is the wire cutting device for cutting the cake.


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