What are the basic characteristics of high temperature atmosphere reduction furnace

In the heat treatment industry, the heat treatment of some workpieces needs to be carried out under the protection of inert gas to achieve a certain heat treatment purpose, such as gas carburizing, carbonitriding and bright quenching, annealing, normalizing, etc. At this time, it is necessary to use to the atmosphere furnace.

Repair and maintenance of vacuum furnace

Vacuum furnace has a series of advantages such as high school, high quality, low consumption and no pollution. It is one of the hot spots in the development of modern heat treatment equipment.

How to operate a rotary tube furnace

It can be tilted and rotated, so that the material can be fully and uniformly heated, and can be used for reoxidation of fine particles of metal oxides or other inorganic materials or roasting in a reducing atmosphere. Professional equipment for sintering and calcining granular powders in energy and other industries, and measuring materials under certain atmospheric conditions.

How to detect the temperature in the tube furnace tube

The degree of temperature field balance in the tube furnace is an important factor to determine the quality of the furnace. The uniformity of the temperature field involves the stability of the furnace temperature and the balance of the furnace temperature. Stability refers to the change of the temperature of the same part in the furnace at different times, and the furnace temperature balance refers to: At the same time, due to the improvement of the current temperature control instrument technology, the temperature fluctuation of each part in the furnace is small, and the stability change is small. , In actual measurement, two methods are usually used to measure the furnace temperature:One: Thermocouple verification method.1. Use a standard thermocouple for verification, and place a furnace plug at the end of the furnace tube, otherwise the measured value will be inaccurate;2. Punch holes in the furnace plug and insert the standard thermocouple into the furnace tube;3. Connect the standard thermocouple to the precision voltmeter _;4. Raise the furnace temperature to the required temperature range, measure the temperature with a thermocouple, make sure that the thermocouple is placed in the center of the furnace tube, and the voltage value displayed on the voltmeter is compared with the voltage thermometer carried by the thermocouple. , so as to obtain the actual temperature value.Second, the temperature measurement ring method.1. Place the temperature measuring ring in the furnace tube (the model of the temperature measuring ring must match the measured temperature), and use the refractory material to place the temperature measuring ring within the required temperature range;2. Install the furnace plug;3. Set the temperature curve according to the temperature measuring ring;4. After firing, measure the diameter of the temperature measuring ring with a vernier caliper, and calculate the actual temperature in the furnace according to the comparison table. Generally, the error of the temperature measuring ring is +/-3℃.

Analysis of the changes in the demand of domestic baking machinery market

Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that the average annual consumption of cakes per person in China is about 5.09 kg.

The high Themperature of the baking machinery market does not fall. The development prospects of the industry are broad.

In recent years, DIY baking has become very popular in the circle of friends.

Australian baking industry accelerates the layout of the Chinese market

From cheese to cake, from the "cellular layout" of the store to the "courier takeaway"

The future development of the cookie pastry machine is very good.

At present, the baking industry is increasingly favored and loved by consumers.

In recent years, DIY baking has become very popular in the circle of friends.

The high temperature of the baking machinery market does not fall. The development prospects of the industry are broad.
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