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Particle sprinkle machine

Guangzhou Haosheng Hong Yu Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, near the Huangpu Port. The transportation is very convenient. It is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the deep research and development of filling, extruding, injecting, molding and quantitative equipment.

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    • Commodity name: Particle sprinkle machine
    • Commodity ID: 1229590729881964544

    Performance characteristics:

    1. Can choose different spreading ways  according to different materials;
    2. It can realize positioning, fixed point, whole surface, partial spreading;
    3. Can do positioning, fixed point, quantitative and regional quantitative measurement according to different material characteristics;
    4. Multi-head splicing and large-span design can be realized according to customer's capacity demand.


    Undertake customized services for all types of particles, flakes, powders and spread materials.

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