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Type 800 high-accuracy depositor(Customizable width within 2.8 meter)

Guangzhou Haosheng Hong Yu Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, near the Huangpu Port. The transportation is very convenient. It is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the deep research and development of filling, extruding, injecting, molding and quantitative equipment.


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    • Commodity name: Type 800 high-accuracy depositor(Customizable width within 2.8 meter)
    • Commodity ID: 1229590793870266368

    Performance characteristics:

    1.It is suitable for filling sponge cake, split-egg chiffon cake, whole-egg chiffon cake and all kinds of paste, stuffing, cake body, semi-fluid paste filling;

    2.It can be used for filling sensitive cake batter with a specific gravity less than 0.5, and the defoaming rate is not more than 3%;

    3.Touch screen controls, can adjust product weight settings freely;

    4.This equipment has accurate filling weight and high accuracy;

    5.Special structural design for filling slurry containing particulate matter;

    6.The structure design is reasonable, has safety protection function.

    Equipment picture:

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    Key words:
    • high-accuracy

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